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New York - Movie Review, Download MP3, Watch Video

Read more! Cast ::John Abraham, Katrina Kaif, Neil Nitin Mukesh, Irrfan Khan.

Is a story about friendship who worlds are turned upside down by large event beyond their control. Indian immigrant Omar (Neil Nitin Mukesh) is arrested by the FBI and intrograted by officer Irrfan Khan for his potential terrorist links. To plead his innocence, he flashbacks to his college days and his friendship with Sameer(John Abraham), the campus hero and Maya (Katrina Kaif), the campus hottie, to whom Omar lost his heart to but she loved Sameer. The campus days give way to a more turbulent present when Omar is sent back into Sameer and Maya's life as an undercover agent for the FBI. His orders are to expose Sameer's terrorists activities and help the FBI. But friendship wins out and Omar's loyalty to his friend however remains unflinching through out his treacherous game and his only desire is to help his friends get out of the messed up post 9/11 world.

The movie watchers have waited a long time for a good movie from Bollywood for a while. The movies released in first part of the year did not do well and then there was the strike. The audience has been waiting to go back to the theaters to see good movies, and New York deliveries. The movie takes place in New York, as in the name, and deals with how the Muslims are affected by the 9/11. New York is brilliant in bits and parts. The film tries to blend the reality about terror suspects wrongly detained and put a Bollywood angle to it, with the Muslim FBI agent going after theterrorist belonging to the same faith. The movie is well directed and provides great technical support, but the story lacks the plot and the characters are not well developed. The movie should do well because of the cast.

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Paying Guests - Movie Review, Download MP3, Duwnload Move, Watch Video

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Cast ::Celina Jaitly, Comedy, Javed Jaffrey, Johny Lever, Neha Dhupia, Paying Guests, Riya Sen, Sayali Bhagat, Sonu Nigam, Subhash Ghai.

Filled with double meanings dialogs that are meaningless passwords for mindless meanderings, the main plot is about four lately unemployed men - two of whom get into a drag act to get accommodation in the home of a kindly couple (Johhny Lever and Delnaz Paul) - who are as devoid of intelligence as most of the writing in this film.
The Bangkok setting doesn't help. Most of the way the characters clutter the canvas so much the scenic view is blocked out.

The thing about these prevalent boys-will-have-fun comedies is that the boys seem to have all the fun while the girls just hang on to the lapels of the comedy hoping there is a life after the laughter.

Beyond the loud, lewd laughter of characters who want to convince themselves that being on the ticklish track pays, "Paying Guests" has little to offer except tired jokes about oranges and other suggestive props that, alas, cannot prop up the creaking sagging props.

In the plus side, Javed and Shreyas are perky in their drag act. Shreyas, who has been in fine comic form recently in "Welcome To Sajjanpur" and the far(ce)-from-wonderful "Gol Maal Returns", provides a sparkling wit to the proceedings often going beyond the sweltering standards set by the stale satire.

Shreyas deserves better. The other actors are in-sync with the sinking feeling of the comedy. As is the custom in these air-headed comedies, the canvas is crowded with clamorous characters dressed in an assorted variety of skin-tight clothes and loose wigs that come off at the whoosh of the wind in this wimpy comedy.

The climax air-lifted from Kundan Shah's "Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron" has all the 37(or is it 38?) characters, including a fierce don played by the almost-forgotten Inder Kumar who just can't get beyond the scowl, colliding all over a staging of "Mughal-e-Azam".

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03 - Ya Rabula Rabbi - Sonu Nigam , Amrita Kak , Earl Dsauza
04 - Nazar Se Nazaria - Sunidhi Chauhan
05 - Jack & Jill - Remix - Shaan , Earl Dsauza
06 - Nazar Se Nazaria - Remix - Sunidhi Chauhan

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Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen - Movie Review -Download Funn Movie, Watch Video

Read more! Cast ::Shia LaBeouf, Megan Fox, Josh Duhamel, Tyrese Gibson.
One of the grandest, most-hyped Hollywood projects with million dollar robots engaged in earth shattering fights, Michael Bay has successfully joined together a live-wire comic flick which is the sequel to the extremely popular Transformers toy flick, which is by all means, money well- spent. The fight sequences and the rolling-chasing shots, keeps one betrothed. Although the juddering and bouncing action shots add to the superlative level of CGI, the robot fight shots and quite some action sequences are super speedy, scenes with such quick morphing, many-a-times making it incomprehensible to the eye.

Bay has successfully managed to take the cake, this summer, with this wonderful blend of robot jesting, thumping action sequences, romantic shots and enough beef and beauty to keep eyes rolling through the movie. Definitely recommended to be viewed on giant screen for the larger-than-life experience and enthralling S-Fx involving the malevolent Decepticon and the laudable Optimus Prime. One gets totally bamboozled with the shots involving the transformers racing past elegant Egyptian pyramids, the Fallen involved in kickass war whilst sleekly slithering past pyramids, which is a definite pleasure for those who grown up watching Transformers.
The story evolves around the teenager Sam (Shia La Beouf) and his friend the Bumblebee. Sam believes that it is time that Bumblebee went on with his own ways, having a responsible, fulfilling life away from home. In response, Bumblebee responds by playing optimistic tunes. The crazy histrionics of the Bumble Bee is bound to have his usual fan base gleam with joy.

One thus sees the Bumblebee and the Autobots trying to blend in and fine-tuning to life on Earth. Optimus Prime and his Autobots still feel that the All Spark remnants still face potential danger from the Decepticons and Megatrons, who are down but not out, and might return again to stake its claim. Starscream makes his comeback to Cybertron, taking over supreme control of the Decepticons, with greater vengeance to sweep over Earth. The Autobots though weary, are soon faced with the startling fact that Megatron’s mortal remains have been secretly whisked away by Skorpinox from the US base.

While in college, Sam soon realizes that what went on before has followed him to his present to haunt him, with Autobot head giving him surmons about how one cannot control one’s fate and destiny is bound to take its own course.

Sam’s love interest, Mikaela (Megan Fox), is shown to stay connected with him via webcam. Mikaela and Optimus Prime make Sam realize that he is here for a noble purpose and just cannot forego his role as the protagonist.

Shots of the malevolent Devastator battling it out over pyramids, is the ideal fodder for action-crazed minds.

Bay known to portray beauties, has managed to live up to his reputation by dishing out the characterized Mikaela in racy bike sequences, setting many a hearts flutter, as always.

The catch-22 situation occurs with the unexpected death of the comical character, Mudflap, who gets engulfed by the extra-terrestrial, exterminating machine. Could the death of a pivotal character snowball to a vengeful situation that would lead to the exit of another character is what one needs to look out for in the movie.

Bay has effortlessly merged the comical, romantic shots in the movie with the mind-boggling action sequences. One can expect lot more wham-bam action flicks with additional forces from the Autobots and the trio of Megatron, Starscream and Decepticons, battling it out in fierce war.

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X-Men Origins: Wolverine -Movie Review - Download full movie Watch Video

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Cast :: Hugh Jackman, Liev Schreiber, Danny Huston, Dominic Monaghan.

When choosing which mutant hero they would use to launch the X-MEN feature-film prequel series ORIGINS, the creators of the hugely successful franchise had a no-brainer of a decision in going with Wolverine. Not only is he the most well-known and popular X-Men character, but Wolverine--as brought expertly to life in true leading-man fashion by Hugh Jackman--was essentially the star of the three previous X-MEN movies. As the title implies, X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE is the back story of the fiery and conflicted Wolverine (named James Logan), whose mutant powers include killer claws that shoot from his knuckles and a regenerative ability that allows him to live seemingly forever. Taking a few mild liberties but staying relatively faithful to the comic-book source material, ORIGINS follows Logan from his first recognition of his mutant powers as a young child up through his infamous adamantium rebirth and the total memory loss that would subsequently fuel his angry quest.
Wolverine’s story has enough intriguing details to allow for a grown-up psychodrama in the mold of THE DARK KNIGHT, and the actors on hand--including Danny Huston as Stryker and Liev Schreiber as Logan’s half-brother, Victor (aka Sabretooth)--have the chops to deliver. Director Gavin Hood, however, opts in favor of cinematic razzle-dazzle heavy on John Woo-style action-ballet and CGI glitz. From Deadpool’s eye-popping swordplay to the tightrope-walk of a fight scene in the film’s finale, WOLVERINE is a blockbuster action film in the most fundamental sense of the word. While some might complain that the film lacks the storytelling substance of the first two X-MEN films, if it’s bang you’re after, then this certainly isn’t a waste of your bucks.

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Angels and Demons - Movie Review

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Cast :: Tom Hanks, Ewan McGregor, Ayelet Zurer, Stellan Skarsgard, Pierfrancesco Favino , Nikolaj Lie Kaas, Armin Mueller-Stahl & others

Angels and Demons, the novel by Dan Brown, hit the stands three years before Da Vinci Code did, the story for the movie adaptation has been tweaked to make it appear as the sequel to the movie version of Da Vinci Code. Angels and Demons is better than its sequel, but in plot, much lacking. Tom Hanks has mastered being the almost emotionless Robert Langdon who appears to be able to only think in signs and symbols.....

For those who have read and loved the book, there is slight disappointment, but that is almost always the case with such adaptations. Angels and Demons is most certainly not a boring movie, and if treated as another mystery thriller, you can even manage to have a good time.

Ron Howard's direction is indeed one of the high points of the movie. He has given us some stunning visuals that surprise both those who have read the novel and those who have not. While making a movie out of a bestselling novel, it's hard to film everything the book says, but Ron manages to bring in all the interesting scenes, but since the plot is itself a religious thriller, there is only so much you can do, and he has done that with finesse..

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Kal Kissne Dekh - Movie Review

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Cast :: Jackky Bhagnani, Vaishali Desai
Music :: Sajid Wajid
Director :: Vivek Sharma
Producer :: Vashu Bhagnani
Nihal Singh (Jacky Bhagnani) from Chandigarh is a seemingly simple yet unconventional boy. He talks too much, questions everything and builds complicated gadgets in his spare time. He has a brilliant mind and an oddball sort of charm. He adores his mother, has dreams of studying in the most ...

The movie is about Nihal Singh (Jacky) who comes to the city from Chandigarh to pursue his education. It's the usual campus crap, which we have been seeing all these years in movies. The scene then moves to a mall where 'Richie-rich' Meesha (Vaishali) is deriding Nihal for his small town status. Nihal meanwhile, thanks to his supernatural power, has seen a bomb below the dais where Meesha is doing her act. Hate over, love begins. Girl thanks boy for saving her life and boy then stumbles on an even bigger plan where the whole city will be blown up. At the centre of it is the college professor himself (Rishi Kapoor) who was thrown out of a Research Centre. Planting bombs is the excuse he gives for taking revenge on those who hurt him. Not convincing. Also, why he has teamed up with Rahul Dev, the evil character is not explained. Also not clear is what the two girls with guns are doing with Rahul and why they ran away when Nihal bashed the goons and Rahul is a mystery. They all had guns!.

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01 - Sonu Nigam & Suzy Q - Aalam Guzrne Ko
02 - Sonu Nigam & Suzy Q - Soniye Billori
03 - Shaan & Shreya Ghoshal - Aasmaan Jhuk Gaya
04 - Alisha Chinoy, Neeraj Shridhar & Wajid - Jashn Hai Josh Hai
05 - Wajid - Tere Bina Lagta Nahin
06 - Shreya Ghoshal - Bin Tere Mar Javan Mein
07 - Shaan, Shreya Ghoshal & Rap By BOB - Kal Kissne Dekha
08 - Sonu Nigam & Suzy Q - Soniye Billori (Club Mix)
09 - Shaan, Shreya Ghoshal & Rap By BOB - Kal Kissne (Club Mix)
10 - Wajid - Kal Kissne Dekha (Romantic Version)

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99 Movie Review, Download MP3, Watch Vodeo

Read more! Cast : Roshan Machado and Mahesh Shankar
Vaibhav Modi, Amitabh Bhattacharya, Shabbir Ahmed and Chintan Gandhi
Kunal Khemu, Soha Ali Khan, Cyrus Broacha, Boman Irani , and Vinod Khanna

"99" is not the film you'd have liked to see after such a long period of deprivation.

The film takes some time to settle down in its groove. The first half an hour is a zonked-out mess with the co-directors indulging in a smirky we-know-it-all game of camera cockiness which leaves us exasperated.

The characters, like the wacked-out crime-dud Mahesh Manjrekar and the two petty criminals - Kunal Khemu and Cyrus Brocha - begin to make sense once they move to Delhi. The two are sent to collect money from a perennial fiscal misadventurer played by the ever-dependable Boman Irani with an urbane anxiety that teeters on neurosis.

Boman's performance, in fact, overrules all the film's flaws of which there are many. His part as an incorrigible gambler and a walking-talking financial disaster is so well-etched and enacted that you wonder if the film is just a pretext for this hugely talented master of nuances.

That the film is assembled with a level of professionalism and a certain amount cleverness only helps.

Amit Mistry (have we seen him before?) as a wimpish money collector, also on the trail of poor Boman, is again a performer who imbues the goings-on with a sassy splendour that the material doesn't quite justify.

But then at least "99" with its swaggering commentary on match-fixing and middleclass over-reaching is an original piece of work, if not a classifiable work of art.

There is enough evidence here to suggest that the people behind the endeavour know what they are doing. They go about the business of creating a universe of crime and comedy without either glorifying or ridiculing the characters.

We are the way we are, and what could be done about it? That's the underlining text of this tangy, flavourful often funny but not fully developed plot.

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Maruti Mera Dost- Movie review and Download MP3, Watch Video

Read more! Cast: Chandrachur Singh,Ritika Shrivastav... Director: Manikya Raju

Chandrachur Singh would have to wait for a while before he could actually term a movie as a 'comeback film'. That's because "Maruti Mera Dost" is certainly not the film that would bring him back in the reckoning.

Two years after his last release "Sarhad Paar", Chandrachur Singh is seen once again on the silver screen. In this 'part live, part animation' film, he reprises the role of a Mr. Richie Rich who has lost his wife and has to raise a child (Ritika Shrivastava) all by himself.

The basic plot of "Maruti Mera Dost" pretty much is on the same lines as 2000 film "Raju Chacha". We have a huge mansion, a doting father, an innocent child, some scheming relatives, including one played by Sushmita Mukherji, and a horde of villains like those essayed by Murli Sharma and Shahbaaz Khan, and finally an ultimate dost (friend).

In between all the evil schemes of eliminating the poor little rich girl, there are also some funny antics as the child artistes take it upon themselves to teach their tormentors a lesson. With the target audience being kids, these are enjoyable pieces, especially with all the special effects involved.

While it is known throughout the film's narrative that eventually good will win over evil, one looks forward to a reasonably high impact climax where it becomes a full-on battle between the demons and god.

The background score works perfectly fine, cinematography enhances the scary moments, actors make an impact in spite of being loud and the special effects become an integral part of the narrative.

However, if one talks about the visibility and commercial prospects of "Maruti Mera Dosst", they seem weak due to a number of reasons like the film has arrived literally unannounced with minimal promotion. The film doesn't boast of a huge star cast. The stand-off between producers and multiplexes is over and so audiences could choose to save their money for a huge line-up of biggies that start releasing next week.

Moreover, films in India that have boasted of animation elements haven't had it good at the box office in the past. In 2008, there were quite a few films with animation thrown in that released but not one of them was a success.

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Anubhav 2009 Movie Review

Read more! Cast: Sanjay Suri,Gul Panag,Jackie Shroff... Director: Rajeev Nath

Directors like Sudhir Mishra and Zoya Akhtar have in the recent past tried to give an insider's view of the workings of the entertainment industry through their films. Director Rajiv Nath is trying to do the same with "Anubhav", which tries to underline that men are as vulnerable to sexual abuse as women in Bollywood.

Though a thematically good film, "Anubhav" has not been executed properly, especially the first one hour.
The only saving grace in the film is Sanjay Suri, who plays the title role. The scenes where Sanjay is shown grieving and regretting his decision to be a gigolo to save his newborn daughter are extremely touching.

Gul Panag, who plays his wife, is good in the emotional scenes.

Anubhav (Sanjay) is the brightest student of Mumbai's theatre academy but all his hopes of making it big in Bollywood are shattered when he fails to get a good break. For survival he starts playing bit roles.

While looking for a foothold in showbiz, Anubhav bumps into Meera (Gul Panag), a business tycoon's daughter, and after a whirlwind romance the two tie the knot.

Meanwhile, his classmate and buddy Aadi (Anoop Menon) manages to get a producer for his film, an adaptation of "Hamlet". He casts Anubhav in the lead and things go smoothly till the sudden death of the producer. The project is then shelved and there is no hope to complete it.

At the same time, Meera develops some pregnancy complications and gives birth to an ailing child who needs to be operated soon. The sequence of events and the urgent need for money forces Anubhav to turn into a gigolo.

Apart from Sanjay Suri and Gul Panag, the casting of the film could have been better. Jackie Shroff doesn't look convincing in the role of an acting guru and Meeta Vashisht does not impress as a successful, lonely doctor trying to find solace in the company of male prostitutes. The director has failed to exploit these otherwise talented actors properly.

While Sudha Chandran, who plays a senior TV actress, looks convincing in the role of an aeging actress trying to exploit Anubhav, she she too is wasted.

Nath has handled the emotional scenes pretty well, especially the climax. But the rest of the sequences are not so well executed and there are too many hiccups in the narrative. For instance, a scene where Shruti Seth confesses her love for Anubhav looks out of place.

Music is an integral part of Hindi films, but there is nothing much to write about in the songs of "Anubhav". The cinematography is so-so.

"Anubhav" could have done well with a tighter script, better narration and right casting.
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