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Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen - Movie Review -Download Funn Movie, Watch Video

Cast ::Shia LaBeouf, Megan Fox, Josh Duhamel, Tyrese Gibson.
One of the grandest, most-hyped Hollywood projects with million dollar robots engaged in earth shattering fights, Michael Bay has successfully joined together a live-wire comic flick which is the sequel to the extremely popular Transformers toy flick, which is by all means, money well- spent. The fight sequences and the rolling-chasing shots, keeps one betrothed. Although the juddering and bouncing action shots add to the superlative level of CGI, the robot fight shots and quite some action sequences are super speedy, scenes with such quick morphing, many-a-times making it incomprehensible to the eye.

Bay has successfully managed to take the cake, this summer, with this wonderful blend of robot jesting, thumping action sequences, romantic shots and enough beef and beauty to keep eyes rolling through the movie. Definitely recommended to be viewed on giant screen for the larger-than-life experience and enthralling S-Fx involving the malevolent Decepticon and the laudable Optimus Prime. One gets totally bamboozled with the shots involving the transformers racing past elegant Egyptian pyramids, the Fallen involved in kickass war whilst sleekly slithering past pyramids, which is a definite pleasure for those who grown up watching Transformers.
The story evolves around the teenager Sam (Shia La Beouf) and his friend the Bumblebee. Sam believes that it is time that Bumblebee went on with his own ways, having a responsible, fulfilling life away from home. In response, Bumblebee responds by playing optimistic tunes. The crazy histrionics of the Bumble Bee is bound to have his usual fan base gleam with joy.

One thus sees the Bumblebee and the Autobots trying to blend in and fine-tuning to life on Earth. Optimus Prime and his Autobots still feel that the All Spark remnants still face potential danger from the Decepticons and Megatrons, who are down but not out, and might return again to stake its claim. Starscream makes his comeback to Cybertron, taking over supreme control of the Decepticons, with greater vengeance to sweep over Earth. The Autobots though weary, are soon faced with the startling fact that Megatron’s mortal remains have been secretly whisked away by Skorpinox from the US base.

While in college, Sam soon realizes that what went on before has followed him to his present to haunt him, with Autobot head giving him surmons about how one cannot control one’s fate and destiny is bound to take its own course.

Sam’s love interest, Mikaela (Megan Fox), is shown to stay connected with him via webcam. Mikaela and Optimus Prime make Sam realize that he is here for a noble purpose and just cannot forego his role as the protagonist.

Shots of the malevolent Devastator battling it out over pyramids, is the ideal fodder for action-crazed minds.

Bay known to portray beauties, has managed to live up to his reputation by dishing out the characterized Mikaela in racy bike sequences, setting many a hearts flutter, as always.

The catch-22 situation occurs with the unexpected death of the comical character, Mudflap, who gets engulfed by the extra-terrestrial, exterminating machine. Could the death of a pivotal character snowball to a vengeful situation that would lead to the exit of another character is what one needs to look out for in the movie.

Bay has effortlessly merged the comical, romantic shots in the movie with the mind-boggling action sequences. One can expect lot more wham-bam action flicks with additional forces from the Autobots and the trio of Megatron, Starscream and Decepticons, battling it out in fierce war.

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