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Aladin - Music Review

Read more! Cast :: Amitabh Bachchan, Sanjay Dutt, Ritesh Deshmukh, Juhi Chawla, Sameera Reddy, Jackie Fernandez, Jacqueline Fernandez.

Vishal and Shekhar had a very few success in Bollywood last year with movies like Tashan(2008), Bachna Ae Haseeno (2008) and especially Dostana (2008), are now back to prove themselves in the movie Aladin directed by Sujoy Ghosh, which has already created a direct impression just because of its breathtaking promos.

There is common factor in all movies of Sujoy Ghosh and that is – music of Vishal and Shekhar. There are lot of expectations on the movie Aladin.

The first song of the track, “Genie Rap” is a feel-good ‘ego-trip’ for Amitabh Bachchan who, as everyone knows by now, plays the Genie (while it’s strange that he is called Genius in the movie ) and has also given his vocals for this particular track. He is joined by Anushka Manchanda, who provides some electric backing vocals throughout the song, which is hip in its own way although when Bachchan starts singing, you start to feel a déjà vu, probably because his vocals sound the same whenever he sings. There will be millions of Amitabh Bachchan fans who love to hear him singing.

Tak Dhina Dhin”, the first reaction while listening this song is “Is this Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy track?”. Admittedly, patches of the Vishal-Shekhar trademark come into focus in bits and spurts, but overall, you get another annoying déjà vu with this song, which has Shankar Mahadevan and Shaan in a singing duet which is well done. The lyrics (by Vishal Dadlani & Anvita Dutt Guptan) are very average though. Yet another situational track which fails to impress from a purely hearing viewpoint.

Now this is a track which might at last find some support among the listeners. ”Ore Saawariya”, one wonders if it would have been more convenient to name the track “More Saiyyan” or “Sasur Ghar Jaana”, as the annoying chants by Sudesh Bhonsle and Amitabh Bachchan focus on these words far often! Shreya Ghoshal gives her all to pitch in a really well-rendered semi-classical performance.

You May Be” demonstrates that the duo can perform well and bring back some much needed integrity. This is the romantic song of the 70’s where soft rock always used to be fused with an Indian touch by the star that was Rahul Dev Burman. The Hinglish lyrics are nice and sweet and an improvement over the previous tracks. Vishal and Shekhar lend beautiful vocals to this song that can also boast of some really good arrangements and mixing. Though this song is not meant to last long in the charts, it will generate some fan following before stepping out.

Bachke O Bachke” , in which the beats, the arrangements, and the sound designing really give us yet another déjà vu. Shaan and Sunidhi Chauhan, who are present in this track, have sung for the previous number as well although Shankar Mahadevan and Vishal Dadlani thankfully bring some change.

The last track of the album “Giri Giri” , with sung by Sanjay Dutt. Though he has sung well in the past for a number of successful songs, one wonders where he is heading with this track that sounds lame even without his vocals! But probably, like the Genie, the Ringmaster needs a song as well, so here it is.

Genie Rap Remix” and “Ore Saawariya Remix” by DJ Suketu and AKS are okay, but how one wishes the originals were better so that the poor DJs could have something to go at (to mix) in the first place. Alas they too have been let down by the duo.

Finally, the duo Vishal and Shekhar has delivered a very average soundtracks.

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01 - Aladin - Genie Rap @review-of-movies.blogspot.com
02 - Aladin - Tak Dhina Dhin @review-of-movies.blogspot.com
03 - Aladin - Ore Saawariya @review-of-movies.blogspot.com
04 - Aladin - You May Be @review-of-movies.blogspot.com
05 - Aladin - Bachke O Bachke @review-of-movies.blogspot.com
06 - Aladin - Giri Giri @review-of-movies.blogspot.com
07 - Aladin - Genie Rap (Remix) @review-of-movies.blogspot.com
08 - Aladin - Ore Saawariya (Remix) @review-of-movies.blogspot.com

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What's Your Raashee - Movie Review

Read more! Cast :: Harman Baweja, Priyanka Chopra, Anjan Srivastava, Visshwa Badola, Rajesh Vivek, Dilip Joshi and Daya Shanker Pandey.

The movie begins at Bardoli village, Gujarat where a wealthy old man decides to write his assets in the name of his grandson Yogesh Patel (Harman Baweja), the only person in the family to remember his maternal grandfather on all occasions (read birthdays). Yogesh is doing his MBA at Chicago with a rocking life style of a sincere student in the day time, popular guy in the campus and a DJ at a night club. But things are not rosy at home in Mumbai where his elder brother has taken a huge amount of loan and lost it in stock market crash and is not able to pay back to several people including a local gangster bhai. He is supposed to give attendance everyday at Bhai’s office and he is being continuously threatened by two chelas of the dreaded gangster who has a style of threatening defaulters – he would cut the fingers by using a betel nut cutter.

A family astrologer predicts that within a very short time Yogesh would get married and he would get a fortune on the very same day. Yogesh makes an urgent visit home after learning of sudden ill health of his dad, which turns out to be a false news and he is further taken aback by the ridiculous request made by his family members - he has to marry a girl in 10 days in order to save his family from an ultimate complication and shame. After a long phase of jet lag and urging and emotional blackmail by family members he agrees to marry and being a honorable man he refuses to accept dowry. He starts reading a book which he happens to find at home and what’s that book all about? No prizes for guessing – “What’s your Rashee?” and then starts the poor translation of Linda Goodman’s sun signs book into a loose movie plot. As if it is not enough, there are two additional silly and forgettable sub plots.

The girls start entering in a random zodiac fashion and each zodiac has a story to tell. Ashutosh Gowariker struggles to stitch a realistic story importance-wise as well as astrology-wise. Some zodiac signs lack realistic characterization and a few overlap. Only a few succeed in making an impact due to the versatile actress Priyanka Chopra who delivers every character with sheer conviction and brilliant performance.

Anjali (Mesh) with a slouch and a bad dressing sense, Vishakha (Vrishabh) with a childish behavior who wants to test the person, Kaajal (Mithun) a vivacious and bubbly girl who thinks it is a must to give some time to understand each other before marrying, Hansa (Karka) a traditional girl with a broken heart, Mallika (Simha) an ambitious and headstrong dancer, Pooja (Kanya) a doctor who wishes for a husband to support her in every venture of hers, Rajani (Tula) a dominating business person for whom the marriage is a business contract to save her from an ongoing CBI enquiry, Nandini (Vrishik) who has a conservative exterior with a diametrically opposite true nature and who is passionate about becoming a supermodel, Bhavna (Dhanu) an astrologer with seductive charms, Jankada (Makar) a school going underage girl, Sanjana (Kumbh) a sophisticated and a straightforward girl and lastly Chandrika (Meen) a filmy kinda person who believes in re-incarnation and second lives.

While adapting the extremes of every character to the demands of screen, the story loses it’s plot (if at all it had any) in a big way only to be saved mercifully by the brilliant Priyanka Chopra.

Music has always been a strong point of Gowariker’s films here it’s a downer. Every zodiac breaks into a compulsory song with only very few being catchy. The story becomes so predictable in the second half that you wait for the movie to get over and start counting how many signs are still left and with no interest left to see which sign the protagonist ultimately marries.

From whatever little you showed us (for a fraction of a second) on the screen Mr. Gowariker, one could gather that Yogesh Patel is Mithun moon sign and Scorpio sun sign. But his birth details do not match with the chart generated towards the end of the movie. But you were so busy adapting extremes of Priyanka Chopra’s 12 zodiac signs, you completely neglected the characterization of the main lead. He is just a foreign returned student with some music knowledge and giving all similar responses, exclamations and surprise reactions to the extreme idiosyncrasies convincingly exhibited by Priyanka Chopra’s characters. Harman Baweja doesn’t impress overall. However, the rest other cast members have put up a good show.

The film would have been a little more acceptable had it been under three hours but a running time of 3 hours and 30 minutes appears far too much. If you may ask whether to check it out or not well there are only two reasons to watch this astrological blunder made by Ashutosh GowarikerPriyanka Chopra and Priyanka Chopra.

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Whats Your Raashee - 01 - Whats Your Raashee (Pal Pal Dil Jisko Dhoonde) @review-of-movies.blogspot.com
Whats Your Raashee - 02 - Jao Na @review-of-movies.blogspot.com
Whats Your Raashee - 03 - Aaja Lehraate @review-of-movies.blogspot.com
Whats Your Raashee - 04 - Bikhri Bikhri @review-of-movies.blogspot.com
Whats Your Raashee - 05 - Maanunga Maanunga @review-of-movies.blogspot.com
Whats Your Raashee - 06 - Sau Janam @review-of-movies.blogspot.com
Whats Your Raashee - 07 - Aa Le Chal @review-of-movies.blogspot.com
Whats Your Raashee - 08 - Pyaari Pyaari @review-of-movies.blogspot.com
Whats Your Raashee - 09 - Su Chhe @review-of-movies.blogspot.com
Whats Your Raashee - 10 - Salone Kya @review-of-movies.blogspot.com
Whats Your Raashee - 11 - Dhadkan Dhadkan @review-of-movies.blogspot.com
Whats Your Raashee - 12 - Koi Jaane Na @review-of-movies.blogspot.com
Whats Your Raashee - 13 - Whats Your Raashee (Chehre Jo Dekhe Hain) @review-of-movies.blogspot.com

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London Dreams - Music review

Read more! Cast :: Salman Khan, Priyanka Chopra, Lara Dutta, Ajay Devgan, Urmila Matondkar,Asin.

Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy, who have delivered magnificent music for numerous movies, have once again come up with a wonderful job in the forthcoming musical, ‘London Dreams’, which stars Salman Khan, Ajay Devgan and Asin.

The album has 8 original songs along with 3 remixes.

The album starts with ‘Barso Yaaro’, a lovely rock-like song which is laden completely with heavy percussion and contemporary music. This song, which is a powerhouse, is definitely a crowd-gatherer. Vishal Dadlani and Roop Kumar Rathod have rendered their voice for this song, which starts with Vishal’s bang. Rathod, who enters after a while, softens the pace of the song, turning the song to ooze an Idnian appeal. A lovely song, rendered beautifully.

Man ko ati bhavey’, which has Shankar Mahadevan, behind the mike is a blend of Wsestern music and Indian vocals. Despite being a fast-paced one, it fails to leave any impression with the audiences. Even the remixed version of this song scores average.

Up next is ‘Tapkey masti’, for which the young Feroz Khan has crooned. The song as well as its remixed version score just average despite the presence of a good musical and Punjabi influence.

‘Khanabadosh’, sung by Mohan, is a high-energetic, foot-tapping song, over which people will go ‘fidaa’ after listening to quite often. The original track scores better than the remix version.

Khwab Jo’, rendered by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Shankar Mahadevan, is a sweet, pleasing song, which carries the signature style of the trio of composers. This track exhibits the perfect blend of classical and soft rock.

Yaari bina’, sung by Roop Kumar Rathod, levaes a great impression on the audience, with the immediate and intense feeling of adrenaline rush. The Sufi influence has gone perfectly well with electronic elements.

Abhijit Ghoshal track, ‘Jashn jeet ka’, which is again a jittery, power-packed one. This song is a mix of electronic, rock and Arabic music.

Last song of the albun is the track, ‘Shola shola’, which has been rendered by Zubeen Garg. This ‘dark’ song gives the audience a feeling of intrigue.

In short, the trio have tried to do something novel and different from their signature style, which has indeed become successful.

Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy have tried to move away from their style and try something different with the music of “London Dreams”.

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01 - London Dreams (2009) - Barson Yaaron @review-of-movies.blogspot.com
02 - London Dreams (2009) - Man Ko Ati Bhavey @review-of-movies.blogspot.com
03 - London Dreams (2009) - Tapkey Masti @review-of-movies.blogspot.com
04 - London Dreams (2009) - Khanabadosh @review-of-movies.blogspot.com
05 - London Dreams (2009) - Khwab Jo @review-of-movies.blogspot.com
06 - London Dreams (2009) - Yaari Bina @review-of-movies.blogspot.com
07 - London Dreams (2009) - Jashn Hai Jeet Ka @review-of-movies.blogspot.com
08 - London Dreams (2009) - Shola Shola @review-of-movies.blogspot.com
09 - London Dreams (2009) - Khanabadosh (Remix) @review-of-movies.blogspot.com
10 - London Dreams (2009) - Man Ko Ati Bhavey (Remix) @review-of-movies.blogspot.com
11 - London Dreams (2009) - Tapkey Masti (Remix) @review-of-movies.blogspot.com
Marketplace Dreams @review-of-movies.blogspot.com

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Whats Your Raashee - Music Review

Read more! Cast :: Harman Baweja, Priyanka Chopra, Anjan Srivastava, Visshwa Badola, Rajesh Vivek, Dilip Joshi and Daya Shanker Pandey.

Ashutosh Gowariker’s films are synonymous with A.R. Rahman’s tunes, but for his “What’s Your Rashee?”, which has Priyanka Chopra and Hurman Baweja in lead roles, the director has got on board a new composer, Sohail Sen – who has done a worthy job.

Sohail Sen son of music composer Sameer Sen has packed the album with interesting compostions from fast and pacy numbers to romantic songs to Arabic and folk tunes.

Movie has 13 songs, one each for every 12 zodiac sings and last one is mix of all 12 songs. The young composer has roped in the director as well has his sister Aslesha to sing.

The album starts with a pleasing and soft number “Jao na” crooned by Sen himself along with Tarannum Malik. It is quite fascinating and the part where the song suddenly gains momentum works well for it. It will surely appeal to the younger generation.

Aaja lehrate” that has vocals by Shaan and Bhavya Pandit. It is quite fast-paced and has western influences with English lyrics thrown in here and there. But the lively number doesn’t stand out in the album.

Bikhri bikhri”, sung by Sohail Sen and Marianne D. Cruz, will have a stimulating effect on you. A soft, soothing and melodious number, it immediately strikes a chord with the listener.

“Mannunga mannunga”. Director Ashutosh Gowariker himself goes behind the mike along with Pamela Jain to sing the song. But the track is unappealing and unexciting.

Sau janam”, a love ballet by Udit Narayan, Madhushree and Sen, is one of the best songs in the album. A mushy number, it has a strong musical backing and stays with you long after. A great composition.

Aa le chal”. Sung by Aslesha Gowariker, it is nothing extraordinary. An average number.

Pyaari pyaari” is another feel-good song with some amount of sweetness in it. It is crooned by Alka Yagnik and Sen.

Then there is “Su che”. Soaked in Gujarati flavour, it is sung by Sen and Bela Shende and is a fact-paced track. It was meant to be a fun song but fails to make a mark.

Salone kya”, is a song with an Arabic feel. It is sung by Sen and Tarannum Malik. Even though the music is captivating, the lyrics are a big put off and take away the zing from the song.

Dhadkan dhadkan” has edgy music with a strong musical backing. Once again Sen and Tarannum team up for the song that has a haunting feel to it. The number does impress.

Pal pal jisko dhoonde” has influences of jazz music. A soft and free flowing number, it is sung by Sen.

Koi Jaane na” is an interesting number sprinkled with folk flavour. A poignant song, it is sung very well by Rajab Ali Bharti and Bela.

Last song of the album is “Chehra jo dekhe hain” by Sen again that is the title track of the film. The song includes samples from the other 12 songs.

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Whats Your Raashee - 01 - Whats Your Raashee (Pal Pal Dil Jisko Dhoonde) @review-of-movies.blogspot.com
Whats Your Raashee - 02 - Jao Na @review-of-movies.blogspot.com
Whats Your Raashee - 03 - Aaja Lehraate @review-of-movies.blogspot.com
Whats Your Raashee - 04 - Bikhri Bikhri @review-of-movies.blogspot.com
Whats Your Raashee - 05 - Maanunga Maanunga @review-of-movies.blogspot.com
Whats Your Raashee - 06 - Sau Janam @review-of-movies.blogspot.com
Whats Your Raashee - 07 - Aa Le Chal @review-of-movies.blogspot.com
Whats Your Raashee - 08 - Pyaari Pyaari @review-of-movies.blogspot.com
Whats Your Raashee - 09 - Su Chhe @review-of-movies.blogspot.com
Whats Your Raashee - 10 - Salone Kya @review-of-movies.blogspot.com
Whats Your Raashee - 11 - Dhadkan Dhadkan @review-of-movies.blogspot.com
Whats Your Raashee - 12 - Koi Jaane Na @review-of-movies.blogspot.com
Whats Your Raashee - 13 - Whats Your Raashee (Chehre Jo Dekhe Hain) @review-of-movies.blogspot.com

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Acid Factory - Music Review

Read more! Cast :: Fardeen Khan, Aaftab Shivdasani, Dino Morea, Dia Mirza, Danny Denzongpa.

Sanjay Gupta is known for making movies which has action thrillers. He is also famous for his soundtrack hits.Tracks like "Musafir" and "Zinda" became instant chart busters. For "Acid Factory" Sanjay brought together music directors Bappa Lahiri, Gourov Dasgupta, Manasi Scott and Shamir Tandon. Let's see what these guys invented up!

The soundtrack consists of six tracks and three remixes. "Jab Andhera Hota Hai" is an upbeat track with edgy music that is almost too much to handle, but the remix version manages to cover up this musical extravaganza. "Khatti Meethi" is a sexy track performed by newcomer Manasi Scott with a great ring to it. The relaxing "Yeh Jism" performed by Raaj and Anchal Datta Bhatia, is one of the highlights on the soundtrack. Its remix version makes the track more enjoyable on the dance floor. "Raftaar" is a club number that may become a DJ favorite. The track "Nothing Else Will Do" is a rock-themed tune that gets the heart pumping and reminds you of the film "Rocky" "Kone Kone Mein" marks the return of Vasundhara Das, but the song only brings boredom because of its slow beats. Unfortunately, the remix doesn't improve the track.

Acid Factory is releasing on 9th October, 2009. The movie is not the most famous just like its music. There are total 9 songs in the Acid Factory music.

Yeh Jism” is the first song of Acid Factory music. The song begins with slow-paced tune music but soon turns into band music. This is just general song which state – “Yeh Jishm Jo Hai Wo Kiska Hai… Din Rat Yahi Ek Kissa hai...” The song is very situational which is related to the movie. There is blinking music in the song.

Khatti Meethi” is the second song of Acid Factory. The song is very similar to Jashnn music. There is “Jhankar” music in the song. Music of the song is very vocal which tunes on mix voices. Lyric is very blowing of the song.

Jab Andhera Hota Hai” song of Acid Factory begins with slow-paced background music. There is remix music in the song. Band music tunes on remix. Lyric of the song is very ups and downs.

Nohting Else Will Do - Scorpio Bonus Track” song of Acid Factory is influenced by western music. This is an instrumental song which has English words. The song is very blowing just like “Rehnuma” song of Blue music.

Kone Kone Mein” song of music of Acid factory is also on the same track of its previous. There is also similar music to its previous song.

Raftaar” song of Acid Factory moves on “Raftaar” music. “Raftaar” introduces a fast paced music in the Acid Factory song.

Yeh Jism - Club Mix” is club mix song of Acid Factory. The song is very similar to its original, “Yeh Jism” song but music is dedicated to club mix.

Kone Kone Mein - Lounge Kilogram Mix” is remixed song of Acid Factory. The song is also very similar to its original song, “Kone Kone Mein”. There is remix music which is very vocal.

Jab Andhera Hota Hai - Remix” is last remix song of Acid Factory music. The remix song is very vocal from its original song, “Jab Andhera Hota Hai”. The song is very similar to “Most Wanted Track” song of Wanted music.

Overall, Acid Factory music and songs are on the same track. Lyrics and music have also not much uniqueness. There is fast, remix and band music in all songs of Acid Factory music.

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Acid Factory - 01 - Yeh Jism @review-of-movies.blogspot.com
Acid Factory - 02 - Khatti Meethi @review-of-movies.blogspot.com
Acid Factory - 03 - Jab Andhera Hota Hai @review-of-movies.blogspot.com
Acid Factory - 04 - Kone Kone Mein @review-of-movies.blogspot.com
Acid Factory - 05 - Raftaar @review-of-movies.blogspot.com
Acid Factory - 06 - Yeh Jism (Club Mix) @review-of-movies.blogspot.com
Acid Factory - 07 - Kone Kone Mein (Lounge Kilogram Mix) @review-of-movies.blogspot.com
Acid Factory - 08 - Jab Andhera Hota Hai (Remix) @review-of-movies.blogspot.com
Acid Factory - 09 - Nothing Else Will Do @review-of-movies.blogspot.com

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Dil Bole Hadippa - Movie Review

Read more! Cast :: Shahid Kapoor, Rani Mukherjee,
Poonam Dhillon, Anupam Kher, Dalip Tahil, Rakhi Sawant, Sherlyn Chopra, Vrajesh Hirjee.

Dil Bole Hadippa is a celebration of the never say die spirit of India. Here, for the first time, the dynamic duo of Shahid Kapoor & Rani Mukherjee, take you on a hide and seek game of romance,passion and dreams.

Dil Bole Hadippa is yet another film from the Yash Raj Film’s based in Punjab and representing Punjabi culture with swaying yello fields, flashy celebrations, desi lassi and chomping sugarcane.

The film is the story of one such village of Punjab located at the Wagah border that has its own cricket team and plays match with the local Pakistani team for the Aman cup and have been losing in a row from past eight years. The team’s owner (Anupam Kher) turns to his son Rohan (Shahid Kapur) who plays county cricket in England to take over as coach and the captain to strengthen the team. A village girl Veera (Rani Mukherjee) though works with a local theatre group in village, treasures an unusual dream of playing a cricket in the big league with the star cricketers Tendulkar and Dhoni. She gets an entry in the men cricket team by disguising herself as a man. Here comes the twist in the story, Veera Kaur becomes Veer Pratap Singh sporting a turban and a beard. And thus it bears out the purpose of Veera living with a nautanki company called Jigri Yaar Dance Company, adept at costumes and disguises.

Her journey in the cricket arena leads to lot of humor, romance and on and off manifests the spirit of India for the sport. It ensembles all the superhit ingredients of the Yash Raj films like situations evoking patriotism, feel of DDLJ and loud Punjabi dialogues like main ek Punjabi baap ka Punjabi beta hoon. In the climax, when Veera’s speech about allowing girls to dream freely will certainly move the audience. Unarguably, Rani is looking better than what she has in years and Shahid too looked dashing. The only two spoilsports in the sporty film are Sherlyn Chopra and Rakhi Sawant.

By the way DBH is the Punjabi version of the 2006 high school Hollywood movie “She’s The Man’ in which a girl disguises herself as her brother to get in a soccer team.

Catch up DBH to see the fiery chemistry between first-time paired Bollywood ki rani Rani Mukherjee and Kamine star Shahid Kapoor.

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01 - Hadippa - Mika Singh @ review-of-movies.blogspot.com
02 - Discowale Khisko - K.K., Sunidhi Chauhan & Rana M @ review-of-movies.blogspot.com
03 - Ishq Hi Rab Hai - Sonu Niigaam & Shreya Ghoshal @ review-of-movies.blogspot.com
04 - Bhangra Bistar - Alisha Chinoy, Sunidhi Chauhan & Hard Kaur @ review-of-movies.blogspot.com
05 - Gym Shim - Joshilay @ review-of-movies.blogspot.com
06 - Disco Khisko (Remix) - Master Salim @ review-of-movies.blogspot.com
07 - Hadippa (The Remix) - Mika Singh & Sunidhi Chauhan @ review-of-movies.blogspot.com

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Wanted - Movie Review

Read more! Cast :: Salman Khan, Ayesha Takia, Mahesh Manjrekar, Asseem Merchant, Sajid Nadiadwala, Vinod Khanna.

People who are crazy about Indian commercial masala files by leaving your brains at home, “Wanted” is the best choice. The movie canvas painted in south Indian colours where fans can get glimps of Rajnikant in our macho man Salman Khan hang on It is a film by South dancing star Prabhu Deva.

Wanted is undisputedly a well-written story with an excellent screenplay. But there is a flipside to it. Wanted is a well-written script which lacks good direction and editing.

Wanted opens up with an interesting plot with commissioner Ashraf Khan (Govind Namdeo) leaving no stones unturned to eradicate underworld terrorism from the country. Radhe (Salman Khan) is a hardcore gangster known for brutality and commitments. All he knows is the language of money. His loyalties lies with any gang provided the money is right. His entry in Gani Bhai (Prakash Raj) gang under the wing of Golden (Aseem Merchant), the right hand of Gani and betrayal to his existing gang headed by Data Pawle leads to bloodshed, as disputes crop up unexpectedly. However, story takes a twist with Golden’s death, which compels Gani Bhai to take matters in his hands and fly back to India. How Gani Bhai realizes the trap of commissioner Ashraf Khan, and the truth of Salman Khan, would have been an exciting watch had Prabhu Deva tightened his script.

Cinematographers Nirav Shah and S Sriram are simply excellent. Special effects are over the top. The music is awful, except ‘Dil Leke’ track, which is the only saving grace.

No refreshing treat for ears, as far as stereotypical dialogues go.

Wanted rides on Salman Khan despite his regular run-of-the-mill, yet nice performance. Ayesha Takia is good and looks gorgeous. Mahesh Manjrekar is perfect for his part as a womanizer. Prakash Raj as Gani Bhai has small, yet pivotal role and lives up to it beautifully. Vinod Khanna and Inder Kumar don’t have much scope, though they are instrumental to the pace of the story. Aseem Merchant is fairly good. Same goes for Govind Namdeo.

On the whole, ‘Salman Khan’ factor will pull the audience to make this film survive. Infact, half the battle is won, courtesy loads of hype.

Wanted is just one time watch.

Download MP3 Song
01-Wanted-Love Me Love Me @review-of-movies.blogspot.com
02-Wanted-Ishq Vishq @review-of-movies.blogspot.com
03-Wanted-Dil Leke @review-of-movies.blogspot.com
04-Wanted-Le Le Mazaa Le @review-of-movies.blogspot.com
05-Wanted-Jalwa @review-of-movies.blogspot.com
06-Wanted-Tose Pyar Karte Hai @review-of-movies.blogspot.com
07-Wanted-Most Wanted Track @review-of-movies.blogspot.com
08-Wanted-Love Me Love Me(Mama Papa Mix) @review-of-movies.blogspot.com
09-Wanted-Ishq Vishq(Remix) @review-of-movies.blogspot.com
10-Wanted-Dil Leke(Remix) @review-of-movies.blogspot.com
11-Wanted-Jalwa On The House(Remix) @review-of-movies.blogspot.com
12-Wanted-Tose Pyar Karte Hai(Remix) @review-of-movies.blogspot.com

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

All The Best - Music Review

Read more! Cast :: Ajay Devgan, Sanjay Dutt, Fardeen Khan, Bipasha Basu, Mughda Ghodse.

Dil Kare : The album
explodes with this mind boggling song Dil Kare. Superb composition, immense rock-techno effect given to the track , splendid lyrics and powerful singing. Surely a treat to all genre of music lovers.

Mai Jitni Martaba : The prodigy continues with Mai Jitni Martaba-a romantic song with a difference. A splendid beginning with guitar masterpiece, lyrics completely youthful and sensuous singing by Yashita.

All the Best : Carefree and encouraging lyrics are the main punch of the song. As the previous songs, guitar has been the base and goes perfectly with the track. And lastly not to forget the stunning vocals rendered by Alisha Chinoy.

Kyon : In the mid of the foot tapping numbers comes Kyon a slow track and you would surely want to neglect this one. With ordinary composition and mundane lyrics, this song leaves with disappointment.

You Are My Love : Pritam’s composition and it ought to have Neeraj Shridhar. The magic of the superlative duo works again and sets you on a roll. Lyrics are just above average, it’s the energetic singing that makes you thump your feet.

Download MP3 Song

01 Dil Kare @review-of-movies.blogspot.com
02 Haan Main Jitni Martaba @review-of-movies.blogspot.com
03 All The Best @review-of-movies.blogspot.com
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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Blue - Music Review

Read more! Cast :: Sanjay Dutt,,Akshay Kumar, Lara Dutta, Katrina Kaif, Rahul Dev, Kylie Minogue.

This was one album every Bollywood music buff was eagerly awaiting for. Its the OST of the upcoming movie Blue, with music by none other than the Oscar-winning maestro – A.R.Rahman. In his own words, “…is my first film after the Oscars. So expectations are scary”. Well, expectations are always high when it comes to Rahman’s music.

The soundtrack of Blue kicks off with the foot-tapping and soon-to-be-on-everyone’s-lips Chiggy Wiggy, marking the Bollywood debut of Kylie Minogue. The song is quite good in Kylie’s hands vocals but gets kinda mediocre with Sonu Nigam’s entrance. The Anglo-Punjabi beats and lyrics in the song don’t quite gel and the fun goes off once Kylie is relegated to the background by Sonu…and probably Akshay as well. Aaj dil gustaakh hai has already become a favourite. Its strummy beats and the vocals of Sukhwinder Singh and Shreya Ghosal give it an instant lift.

Aaj Dil Gustakh Hai is truly unique. AR Rahman's composition is completely unpredictable and that is its biggest USP. I think it's a spectacular track with interesting music arrangements and refreshing vocals by Shreya Ghoshal and Sukhvinder Singh. Ghoshal is outdoing herself with every new song!

Bhoola Tujhe is simple, yet so grand. Abbas Tyrewala's lyrics are wonderful and Rahman, as usual, infuses his composition with deep emotions. Rashid Ali does full justice to this soulful track.

Chiggy Wiggy will be a big hit with Kylie Minogue fans and that's enough for Blue to create considerable hype in the West. Personally, I'm not a fan of Kylie's pop music but her unusual duet with Sonu Nigam doesn't sound too bad. I Wanna Chiggy Wiggy!

Rehnuma is infectious..the Neela Samandar crescendo does the trick. Rahman's tune is charmingly sinister and Ghoshal-Nigam's singing is of the highest order. Creepy, thrilling and romantic - Rehnuma defines the crux of Blue.

Fiqrana is fun and breezy. This one's packed with youthful energy. It's amazing what Rahman can do with every single musical instrument - give Fiqrana a listen, you'll know what I mean!

Yaar Mila Tha is an enjoyable song, but definitely not Rahman's best. Udit Narayan and Madhushree sound very fresh and Ujjaiyinee Roy's backing vocals saves the track from mediocrity. Narayan tries a bit of hip-hop towards the end and that's the most entertaining part of the entire song! Way to go!

Four minutes of pure adrenaline pleasure. If you enjoyed Rahman's Yuva, you'll love the Blue theme. The energy of this track will be phenomenal with the underwater visuals.

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Blue - 01 - Aaj Dil @review-of-movies.blogspot.com
Blue - 02 - Bhoola Tujhe @review-of-movies.blogspot.com
Blue - 03 - Chiggy Wiggy @review-of-movies.blogspot.com
Blue - 04 - Fiqrana @review-of-movies.blogspot.com
Blue - 05 - Rehnum @review-of-movies.blogspot.com
Blue - 06 - Yaar Mila Tha @review-of-movies.blogspot.com

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Final Destination 4 - Movie Review

Read more! Cast :: Shantel VanSanten, Bobby Campo, Haley Webb, Nick Zano, Krista Allen, Andrew Fiscella, Mykelti Williamson, Richard T Jones.

On what should have been a fun-filled day at the races, Nick O'Bannon has a horrific premonition in which a strange sequence of events causes multiple race cars to crash, sending flaming wreckage into the stands, brutally killing his friends and causing the upper deck of the stands to collapse on him. When he comes out of this grisly nightmare Nick panics, persuading his girlfriend, Lori, and their friends, Janet and Hunt, to leave... escaping seconds before Nick's frightening vision becomes a terrible reality. Thinking they've cheated death, the group has a new lease on life, but unfortunately for Nick and Lori, it is only the beginning. As his premonitions continue and the crash survivors begin to die one-by-one--in increasingly gruesome ways--Nick must figure out how to cheat death once and for all before he, too, reaches his final destination.

The dictatorship of the title tells us we shouldn't expect any more of the death defying gore the Final Destination franchise has offered audiences since the first film debuted in 2000 and more than doubled its production budget at the box-office. From that point on every three years has seen a new installment in theaters, but after nine years I would say it is finally time to put the nail in the coffin on this one as not even the fun 3-D effects can distract an audience enough to realize this just isn't fresh or interesting anymore.

Anyone that has seen a trailer for this film already knows we begin this premonition of death at a cheap-o looking hillbilly car race, which may be the first time I have actually seen the use of 3-D make a film look even cheaper as tiny stands filled with 30 or so on-lookers looks like they aren't even part of the action. I mention this only because I thoroughly enjoyed the opening to Final Destination 2 and with David Ellis back in the director's chair for this one, I had hopes for an opening that would rival that log-rolling face-crusher. Instead, CG takes over and bores the audience with each kill looking no different than the last. The best part of the whole thing is a headless dummy mold twitching and spurting blood in the segment's final moments. Sure, it looks fake, but it looks gruesomely fake. After all, I hope they didn't think we thought any of this was real in the first place.

After our lead characters escape certain death, including a role given to Mykelti Williamson as an ex-alcoholic racetrack security guard, we follow this group of goofballs as they try to fool death and escape its plan to finish what it started. It's the last in the franchise, is it possible they finally cheat death and declare check mate?

Expectations for what The Final Destination delivers should be muted. Even if you already know the kills will be ludicrous and the series of events leading up to them improbable, there is still that little something in your head that says, "Oh come on!" even though what follows may be gruesomely delightful. Echoes of "That's stupid," could be heard amongst my midnight viewing audience all while they had a laugh at the slaughter. Hell, if these are your kinds of movies you would be hard-pressed not to enjoy a little of what you see on screen, but only to a certain point.

When bottles of hairspray begin floating in pools of condensation you laugh a little, but roll with it. However, when a fan blows a cart full of liquid explosives across a room later on you can't help but think, "Didn't I see something like this only a few minutes ago?" The answer is yes and at that point tedium set in long ago, even though watching a racist hillbilly meet a gloriously comical demise was rather enjoyable.

Of course, thinking in this kind of a film is frowned upon. You are supposed to sit back, wait for the next person to find their fate at the hands of death's vicious blow and bask in the blood-soaked carnage. The only question is whether you are able to do that entirely. I can't. I love the imaginary kills, but have grown tired of the nonsense in-between. And on top of all that, with this being the final film in this franchise you would think they wouldn't end it with CGI skeletons and not an all out gorefest. It's an ultimate insult to an audience that is supporting this film despite the fact the third one was running on fumes and showed little room to go, but still managed to be far more fun than this one.

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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Main Aur Mrs Khanna - Music Review

Read more! Cast :: Salman Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Sohail Khan, Bappi Lahiri, Preity Zinta.

Few seconds into the song 'Don't Say Alvida' and you know for sure that Sajid-Wajid have a super hit in hand in the form of 'Don't Say Alvida’ title track. Belonging to old school of music which has a timeless quality to it and has more often than not always worked, 'Don't Say Alvida' is a modern-day Bollywood love song. Coming close to the kind of music that one has heard in Salman's films like Har Dil Jo Pyaar Karega and Chori Chori Chupke Chupke, 'Don't Say Alvida' has Sonu Nigam at his best. The singer is heard in lesser number these days but when he sung a marvelous track like 'Don't Say Alvida', no one mind fo the quality. Shreya Ghoshal joins a little later in the day while Suzanne D'Mello is primarily a backup vocalist here. Still, they do make their presence felt in this Junaid Wasi written song that also appears in a well done 'remix' version and also a 90 seconds slow-n-sad version (a Shreya Ghoshal solo).

Now it's time to get into a 'Kajraare' (Bunty Aur Babli) mode with Sunidhi Chauhan bringing on 'Happening'. Even though the title gives an intuition of an English number in the offering, 'Happening' is mainly a catchy term that plays throughout this 'qawalli' which is written by Jalees Sherwani. Picturised on Preity Zinta ( she an important role to play in the film), 'Happening' is a foot tapping number that takes just a couple of listening to register with the listener. A good number which has been created for the masses and yet doesn't turn vulgar at all, 'Happening' is fun, foot tapping and quite enjoyable for its duration.

From love, romance and dance, mood of the album becomes serious with 'Rabba'. With Rahat Fateh Ali Khan at the helm of affairs, one do expect the kind of outing that 'Rabba' would provide. A slow moving soulful track that does has a quiet feel to it in spite of a sad theme, 'Rabba' is situational and yet effective.

The opening few seconds of 'Tum Ne Socha' do remind of the sound of 'Soniyo' (Raaz - the Mystery Continues) . However all similarity ends quite soon and Sajid-Wajid create a tune that does make you appreciate it during the first listening itself. One is assured that Wajid is taking his job quite seriously as a singer, courtesy his rendition of 'Tum Ne Socha' where he is indeed good. 'Tum Ne Socha' is a very pleasant sounding duet with Shreya Ghoshal joining Wajid behind the mike. A beautiful contemporary song that has been written by Arun Bhairav.

The album ends with a fun of ‘dhol beats' of 'Mrs. Khanna' being straight out of 'Pretty Woman' (Kal Ho Na Ho). A fun track that is picturised on Sohail Khan and Kareena Kapoor, 'Mrs. Khanna' has a good rhythm to it which is straight out of the David Dhawan school of music. Heavy on orchestra, something that goes perfectly well with the genre of the song, 'Mrs. Khanna' is entertaining and should be a riot on screen if picturised well. Written by Jalees Sherwani and Suzanne, the number has Shaan and Sunidhi Chauhan as the prime singers with Bappi Lahiri, Neuman Pinto and Suzanne D'Mello also chipping in.

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01 - Dont Say Alvida @review-of-movies.blogspot.com
02 - Happening @review-of-movies.blogspot.com
03 - Rabba @review-of-movies.blogspot.com
04 - Tum Ne Socha @review-of-movies.blogspot.com
05 - Mrs Khanna @review-of-movies.blogspot.com
06 - Don't Say Alvida (Sad) @review-of-movies.blogspot.com
07 - Happening (Remix) @review-of-movies.blogspot.com
08 - Dont Say Alvida (Remix) @review-of-movies.blogspot.com

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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Do Knot Disturb - Music Review

Read more! Cast :: Govinda, Ritesh Deshmukh, Sushmita Sen, Lara Dutta, Sohail Khan, Ranvir Shorey, Rajpal Yadav, Himani Shivpuri, Rituparna Sengupta, Manoj Pahwa.

Nadeem-Shravan the hit duo of 90’s whao created Super hit songs for movie like “Aashiqui”, "Saajan", "Deewana", "Raja Hindustani", "Pardes" and "Dhadkan" are now returning with the music of "Do Knot Disturb".

To make it stylish and attractive, the duo composers have shifted from their trademark style. But barring two songs, most numbers are ordinary and have nothing new to offer

The film, which stars Govinda, Lara Dutta, Riteish Deshmukh and Sushmita Sen, is releasing on October 2. Its soundtrack has six original tracks.

The album opens with a pace number "Zulfaen khol khal ke", which is sung by Sonu Niigaam and Anuradha Sharma. If the beats are given a miss, the song sounds decades old. The lyrics are average. A very disappointing start, In short.

"Don't ever leave me". Shaan and Shreya Ghoshal have sung the fast-paced number. The lyrics give an feeling that it's a moving song, but somehow the song fails to make an impact on the listener. The English words in the lyrics seem forced and uncalled for. "Don't ever leave me" doesn't have the potential to stand out in spite of two talented singers.

First hit number of album is "Mere naal". The song, which has vocals by KK, Jigar Saraiya, Shreya Ghoshal and Nitika Kanwar, has a power-packed start with a strong musical arrangement. It is soaked in Punjabi flavour and will be liked by many.

"Bebo" is next song in this album. Even though the lyrics are unimpressive, the song succeeds in catching the attention of the listener. Sung by Neeraj Sridhar and Anushka Manchanda, it is sure to be a hit at the DJ consoles. Free flowing and full of attitude, "Bebo" is worth a listen and a dance.

"Beautiful woman" by Sridhar again, along with Sowmya Raoh. The song is quite boring and slow-paced.

Finally, there is the title track "Do knot disturb" sung by T.K. Karthik and Anushka. A lot of beats but nothing extraordinary.

Overall, the album offers nothing great. The songs are average and will not linger on for long.

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01 Beautiful Women @review-of-movies.blogspot.com
02 Bebo @review-of-movies.blogspot.com
03 Do Knot Disturb @review-of-movies.blogspot.com
04 Dont Ever Leave Me @review-of-movies.blogspot.com
05 Mere Naal @review-of-movies.blogspot.com
06 Zulfaen Khol Khal Ke @review-of-movies.blogspot.com

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