Friday, September 25, 2009

Whats Your Raashee - Music Review

Cast :: Harman Baweja, Priyanka Chopra, Anjan Srivastava, Visshwa Badola, Rajesh Vivek, Dilip Joshi and Daya Shanker Pandey.

Ashutosh Gowariker’s films are synonymous with A.R. Rahman’s tunes, but for his “What’s Your Rashee?”, which has Priyanka Chopra and Hurman Baweja in lead roles, the director has got on board a new composer, Sohail Sen – who has done a worthy job.

Sohail Sen son of music composer Sameer Sen has packed the album with interesting compostions from fast and pacy numbers to romantic songs to Arabic and folk tunes.

Movie has 13 songs, one each for every 12 zodiac sings and last one is mix of all 12 songs. The young composer has roped in the director as well has his sister Aslesha to sing.

The album starts with a pleasing and soft number “Jao na” crooned by Sen himself along with Tarannum Malik. It is quite fascinating and the part where the song suddenly gains momentum works well for it. It will surely appeal to the younger generation.

Aaja lehrate” that has vocals by Shaan and Bhavya Pandit. It is quite fast-paced and has western influences with English lyrics thrown in here and there. But the lively number doesn’t stand out in the album.

Bikhri bikhri”, sung by Sohail Sen and Marianne D. Cruz, will have a stimulating effect on you. A soft, soothing and melodious number, it immediately strikes a chord with the listener.

“Mannunga mannunga”. Director Ashutosh Gowariker himself goes behind the mike along with Pamela Jain to sing the song. But the track is unappealing and unexciting.

Sau janam”, a love ballet by Udit Narayan, Madhushree and Sen, is one of the best songs in the album. A mushy number, it has a strong musical backing and stays with you long after. A great composition.

Aa le chal”. Sung by Aslesha Gowariker, it is nothing extraordinary. An average number.

Pyaari pyaari” is another feel-good song with some amount of sweetness in it. It is crooned by Alka Yagnik and Sen.

Then there is “Su che”. Soaked in Gujarati flavour, it is sung by Sen and Bela Shende and is a fact-paced track. It was meant to be a fun song but fails to make a mark.

Salone kya”, is a song with an Arabic feel. It is sung by Sen and Tarannum Malik. Even though the music is captivating, the lyrics are a big put off and take away the zing from the song.

Dhadkan dhadkan” has edgy music with a strong musical backing. Once again Sen and Tarannum team up for the song that has a haunting feel to it. The number does impress.

Pal pal jisko dhoonde” has influences of jazz music. A soft and free flowing number, it is sung by Sen.

Koi Jaane na” is an interesting number sprinkled with folk flavour. A poignant song, it is sung very well by Rajab Ali Bharti and Bela.

Last song of the album is “Chehra jo dekhe hain” by Sen again that is the title track of the film. The song includes samples from the other 12 songs.

Download MP3 Song
Whats Your Raashee - 01 - Whats Your Raashee (Pal Pal Dil Jisko Dhoonde)
Whats Your Raashee - 02 - Jao Na
Whats Your Raashee - 03 - Aaja Lehraate
Whats Your Raashee - 04 - Bikhri Bikhri
Whats Your Raashee - 05 - Maanunga Maanunga
Whats Your Raashee - 06 - Sau Janam
Whats Your Raashee - 07 - Aa Le Chal
Whats Your Raashee - 08 - Pyaari Pyaari
Whats Your Raashee - 09 - Su Chhe
Whats Your Raashee - 10 - Salone Kya
Whats Your Raashee - 11 - Dhadkan Dhadkan
Whats Your Raashee - 12 - Koi Jaane Na
Whats Your Raashee - 13 - Whats Your Raashee (Chehre Jo Dekhe Hain)

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