Saturday, June 12, 2010

Lamhaa - Music Review

Cast :: Sanjay Dutt, Bipasha Basu, Kunal Kapoor, Anupam Kher

Lamhaa is an upcoming Hindi movie of Bollywood based on Kashmir. Lamhaa music is composed by Mithoon. It is the much awaited Hindi movie directed by Rahul Dholakia.

Sanjay Dutt’s long pending Lamhaa is finally about to release. Lamhaa’s music will be out soon too. And my guess is, it will be worth waiting for. After a long gap, Mithoon is coming back with Lamhaa and this time he’s coming up with almost all new singers, for him that is.

This time Mithoon’s album is going to feature Rahman’s old favorite Chinmayee in at least two songs while in one of the songs she will be singing with Mika Singh. Another song in the album is given to Palash Sen of Euphoria while he also brings pop-singer Arun Daga for a song. Besides all these singers, Mithoon will be singing himself for the album too.

Zameen-O-Aasma” song of Lamhaa Hindi music is sung by Kshitij Tarey. The song begins with slow-paced music. Lyric of the song appears from the background. It is the classical song of the movie.

Rehmat Zara” is another slow-paced song of Lamhaa. It is sung by Mithoon & Mohd Irfan. Soon, the song turns into “Jhankar” and band music. Lyric of the song is as faster as its music.

Saajnaa” song of Lamhaa album is sung by Mika & Chinmayi. The song also tunes on slow-paced piano music. Mika has introduced a very different voice in this song. It is one of the best soundtracks of Lamhaa album.

Main Kaun Hoon” song of Lamha music is sung by Palash Sen. It is another slow-paced soundtrack of Lamhaa album. Lyric of the song is incredible. It is a situational song of the movie. The song has introduced the best music also.

Salaam Zindagi” song begins with kids voices. The song is sung by Arun Daga & Mohd Irfan. It is an inspirational soundtrack of Lamhaa music. The song is dedicated to the life. The soundtrack has introduced the best lyric. It has quite different music and lyric from other soundtracks of Lamhaa album. Lyric of the song is really melodious. It is my favourite song of Lamhaa album.

Madno” song of Lamhaa music is sung by Kshitij Tarey & Chinmayi. The song also begins with poetic lyric. The soundtrack has slow-paced music. The song has romantic essence. I love the song much.

Overall, Lamhaa music has introduced the best soundtracks. However, all songs tune on the same music. Despite it, “Salaam Zindagi” and “Madno” is the best soundtrack of Lamhaa music. Mithoon has really tired to give something new to the listeners with Lamhaa music.

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