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Aisha - Music Review

Cast :: Abhay Deol & Sonam Kapoor

Aisha is an upcoming romantic comedy Hindi movie of Bollywood starring Sonam Kapoor, Abhay Deol and Arunoday Singh. Music of Aisha movie is composed by Amit Trivedi. Lyricist of the film is Javed Akhtar.

Amit Trivedi is here again. I was not even done with listening to his awesome Udaan, when he came back with Aisha. The good thing is that unlike Udaan, Aisha is not all typical Amit Trivedi in his favorite rock mood, but much more versatility. In fact with the present variety, you may count it as, something like half a Dev.D.

Aisha has fresh faces, not only on the screen but behind the screens as well. With Aisha, Sonam Kapoor is ready to strike the second time as well after her recent Hit. The movie also has Abhay Deol in the lead and Amit Trivedi is the Music Director. Abhay-Amit combo brought one of the biggest musical successes Dev D, which not only established Abhay as a rising star but also Amit Trivedi became a rage with Emosonal Atyachaar topping all charts.

Hence, although with new talent the music of Aisha has reasonable expectations due to Amit's previous works. Sprinkling a bit of experience with his talaffuss is Javed Akhtar, and boy, does he rock big time or not, well you will surely get to know when you hear the soundtrack of Aisha.

The album opens with Suno Aisha, something which offers freshness and has a beautiful melody. The crisp vocals by Amit Trivedi, Aditt, Nakash Aziz and Ash King offer an edge to this song as finally, you come across something different. The trumpet has not been so marvellously utilized in any hindi song of the recent times, yeah we had the Emotional Atyachaar but this time the it is used more towards creating melody. Suno Aisha is catching up the rage and is a sure shot sucess from the time it starts, you can hear this song again and again.

The second track Gal Mitthi Mitthi is an a hands on Competition to the popular Emosonal Atyachaar. If any song can break records of the previous landmark of Amit Trivedi, this song definately has the potential. Basically, a new-age shaadi song starts with a shehanaayee and the beats of this song somewhat take you back to Pardesi from Dev D. The vocals are by Tochi Raina, again a fresh voice, take this song to a high level moreover hindi-punjabi lyrics with a western arrangement leave a great impact the first time you hear the song. You cannot help yourself but listen this song again and again. And if you thought this song cannot be are wrong. There is a bombay bounce dhol remix version with dhol beats, which turns this song into a complete bhangra dance number, leading to a high adrenaline number. A Sure shot Hit, the one song which can re-create the Emosanal Atyachaar effect both in its original as well as remix version.

After some happy and enjoyable racy tracks, the album changes tracks to a rather slow Shaam again sung by Amit Trivedi, where the song heavily rests on guitar arrangements, makes you suddenly realize the word power of Javed Akhtar. This song will catch up with the youth as time progresses. A good change of pace of the Album.

Behke Behke Nain has a blend of international music and Hindi lyrics. The international feel of this song right from the start catches you with its beats. The arrangement is somewhat similar to Zinda hai hum to from Josh but Amit trivedi has really brought yet another ace up his sleave with this track. The vocals by Anushka Manchanda, Samrat and Raman Mahadevan
add to the zingness of this song. Another jewel by the music director.

Lehrein, sung by Anusha Mani is a soothing melodious number follows after behke behke, shows you the versitality Aisha has for you. One thing you notice again, in this song will surely be the Javed Akhtar's lyrics. The other tracks are quite racy and peppy which does not make you focus more on lyrics but Shaam and Lehrein surely shows the magic of Javed Akhtar's tallafus..... The remix version of this song is also worth a listen.

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01 - Aisha - Suno
02 - Aisha - Gal Mitthi
03 - Aisha -
04 - Aisha - Behke
05 - Aisha -
06 - Aisha - By The
07 - Aisha - Gal Mitthi Mitthi (The Bombay Bounce Dhol Mix)
08 - Aisha - Lehrein (The Bombay Bounce Lounge Mix)

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  1. In this post, the music and movie review is very interesting...The music is very pleasant to hear..thank you....

  2. Aisha - Music Review Good Review posted get more Revies and more Telugu Movies here.

  3. download movies
    thnks for the movie and the music video. this song is amazing. I like the makeups, way of dressing vry much. This is an enjoyable movie.


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