Monday, December 14, 2009

Dulha Mil Gaya - Music Review

Cast:: Fardeen Khan,Sushmita Sen,Shahrukh Khan,Mohir Chadda,Tara Sharma,Johny Lever,Bina Kak,Suchitra Pillai,Viveck Vaswani,Howard Rosemeyer,Parikshat Sahni,Anushka Manchanda

Dulha Mil Gaya Music Album is surprisingly a super hit album with not even a single dull track. Features the major acclaimed singers including Sonu Nigam, Shreya Ghosal, Daler Mehndi and many others. Each song is equally good and the lyrics are worked upon well, although some songs might remind you of something similar heard before. But neverthless, the music directors - Lalit Pandit deserve special recognition.

This one is a voluminous album and the first track to come is 'Akela Dil' that has a groove similar to that of 'Gela Gela Dil Gela Gela' (Aitraaz). An unmistakable calypso rhythm is on the fore front here too, given the fact that the film is set in the Caribbean. Adnan Sami gets into an intoxicated and relaxed mood as per the demand of the situation and gets his own lazy style in place to sing 'Akela Dil' that has Anushka Manchanda giving able support. This is a kind of track that should add on to the visual appeal of the film. It's 'remix version' adds on the zing and should find a place in the clubs and discotheques.

Shiri farhad tu meri shiri is sung by the energetic Neeraj Shridhar but even he cannot salvage this banal song. Next, please!

Dulha mil gaya has shades of Mar jaani and is a watered-down version of that song. If you were wondering where Daler Mehndi was all along, he is back and infuses an unmatched energy into this song. It is catchy and can become quite popular especially because of the wedding season. It isn’t a memorable track, however!

Dilrubaon ke jalwe is a qawalli and an attempt to recreate SRK and Sush’s chemistry from Tumse milke from Main Hoon Na. You don’t want to stick around till it is over.

1. Akela Dil
The album opens with Akela dil sung by Anushka and Adnan Sami, both wasted in the tuneless, wannabe hip-hop track that goes on forever. Everything in the song seems forced! The incessant clapping, guitar tunes and ‘nanana’ get on your nerves.A song by Adnan Sami, very similar to one of the songs from the film ‘Mujhse Shaadi Karogi’ in terms of music and the way he sang it. But still very entertaining.

2. Aaja Aaja Mera Ranjhna
Aaja mera ranjhana is your typical 90's wedding song. You can even imagine the red and gold costumes everyone will wear and their dance moves. It brings back memories of Saajan ji ghar aaye from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. Listen to that instead.

3. Magar Meri Jaan
Magar meri jaan sounds like something you’ve heard before which is why it is tolerable. It tries too hard to be upbeat and rapturous. Song features Sonu Nigam, with that said the song already claims to be a hit. The slow notes are mesmerizing as compared to main stanza (mukhra) of this song which is just OK. Salsa themed ‘Magar Meri Jaan’ is contemporary time pass song. Anushka Manchanda, the singer does an exceptional job.

4. Tu Jo Jaan Le
Tu jo jaan le is the standard Sonu Nigam song. The piano and guitars are pretty good and Sonutakes the song a few notches higher.

5. Rang Diya Dil
Rang diya dil is the kind of Amrita Rao would be part of. Imagine a girl waiting in the village for her lover and praying to the moon. So it is typical and very 90's. We have heard this type of songs, way too many times in the times but no credits snatched from the singer Shreya Ghosal. Her voice adds a wonderful feel to this song.

6. Dulha Mil Gaya
Daler Mehndi is back with another super hit. Lyrics seems to be out, straight from his heart. Total dance party track.

7. Dilrubaon Ke Jalwe
The effort that went to this song is tremendous. All thanks to lyrics writer and singers for giving us a classic qawwali themed song.

8. Shiri Farhad Tu Meri Shiri
Not want to criticize this song about being another duplicate. But the resemblance cannot be ignored.

Out of the 3 Remixes only the ‘Dilrubaon Ke Jalwe’ looks genuinely worked upon. Rest are just fast paced songs with non matching music.

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