Friday, December 11, 2009

Rocket Singh - Salesman Of The Year - Movie Review

Cast:: Ranbir Kapoor,Shazahn Padamsee,Sharon Prabhakar,Gauhar Khan,Prem Chopra,Mukesh Bhatt,Manish Choudhary

Two years after delivering a hit on the hockey fields with CHAK DE INDIA, Shimit Amin returns, this time with business as the field of play. Yet again, he delivers a product with finesse. ROCKET SINGH appeals, endears, and warms the cockles of one's heart.

Ranbir Kapoor is in that phase of his innings right now, where he can do no wrong. He is, in sporting parlance, what you call 'in the Zone'. Anything he does just shines. He has that uncanny knack of 'becoming' the character, body language and all... He is such a joy to watch.

Ranbir is Harpeet Singh Bedi, a youngster who just manages to sc**** through his B.Com exams and one who is not interested in CAT. He wants to work as a salesman. He lands a job as a trainee at AYS Computers and within a few days is blasted for being a 'Mahatma in the jungle.' He complains against an employee of a firm who buys bulk orders from AYS because he is asking for his 'Cut'.

AYS boss and their sales manager see red. He is insulted and asked to make just 'cold calls' from his desk. Things take a turn for the worse when he is humiliated further by his boss. This, when all he wanted to do was tell his boss that he was using his office space to start his own company,Rocket Sales Corp.

Slowly he wins the hearts of four of his colleagues including the Sales Manager to buck up his sales order, which by now is on the upswing. Rocket Sales Corp steals the orders right from AYS's noses. They offer round-the-clock service and at a very competitive rate with minimal profit margins. Flustered, his boss offers to buy his company for Rs 60 lakhs. This call is made from within the same office and his boss does not know whom he is speaking with. To cut the long story short, their game is up when the boss makes a call to the MD ofRocket sales and finds that the phone rings in his own office.

Harpreet is forced to sign on a document, which waives off his right as an owner. But, this is not a win for his boss as he soon realizes that none ofRocket Sales' clients are now willing to do business with AYS even though both the companies have merged. And therein lies the business fundas ofRocket Sales Corp.

Shimit takes a neutral view of the business field and lays bare the employee-boss relationship as well as the 'percentage party' where the customer is the scapegoat. In the final analysis, as Harpreet tells his boss, it is not about driving your employees nuts to achieve sales target but by understanding them.

Shazahn Padamsee who makes her debut has the talent to come through. However, she has to work hard on her dialogue delivery and body language. Ditto Gauahar Khan who too makes her debut. Prem Chopra as Ranbir's grandfather finally gets a role of substance, suited to his age and he does a wonderful job. A complete shift from the crass acts he has been made to do of late. The Sales Manager shines through, as well as the guy who assembles computers. Both characters are cleverly crafted.

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