Thursday, December 17, 2009

Pyaar Impossible - Music Review

Cast:: Uday Chopra,Priyanka Chopra,Dino Morea,Anupam Kher

Days after Yash Raj Films and composers Salim-Sulaiman came up with the soundtrack of Rocket Singh - Salesman of the Year arrives the music album of Pyaar Impossible. In fact this may well be the first for both the production house as well as the composer duo who have seen some work of theirs arriving in such quick succession. Given the fact that the film is titled Pyaar Impossible, has a glossy teenage feel to it and bears a vibrant look, one expects a happy soundtrack from the five songs, each of which is written by Anvita Dutt Guptan.

The promos look fresh and going by the soundtrack of this album, it could very well be the perfect rom-com Hindi movie for that ideal date. It certainly has got the lead actors bang-on, one being the hottie and the other is…whatever.

The lyrics written by Anvita Dutt sound simple, reflects femme attitude and with Miss PC lip syncing to it, makes one imagine delicious things.

Alisha has full-on attitude and is full of punk. Her voice is provided by Anushka Manchanda who is full of that required zest. Salim Merchant pitches in along with the chorus to give this song that extra edge. The Remix version is quick paced and has its own flavor.

Dominique Cerejo’s smooth vocals along with husky Vishal Dadlani talk about lovely things which are possible, but at the end it says Pyaar Impossible. It’s a lovely romantic number sure to top your list. Remix version - take your own pick!

You And Me has a feel similar to preceding tracks talking about two people different, yet one longs for the other. It’s an interesting combo of Neha Bhasin and Benny Dayal which make it a treat for your ears.

Starting off as a full-on rock track, 10 On 10 reeks with attitude. Mahua Kamat and Anushka Manchanda are perfect to get that across. The lyrics of the song are cool, hep and perfect for a prom night. It will soon become every hot chick’s anthem and every guy wanting his dream girl to be right there! Naresh Kamat is the sole male voice in this female dominated song.

Rishika Sawant sings Ek Thi Ladki with an element of simplicity and a story-telling mode. The composition has innocence to it just like reflected in nursery rhymes. It should be played with the credits of the movie rolling at the start.

The soundtrack is very much suited to the theme of the movie with each song reflecting how different the girl is from the boy in the question. The makers do get some catchy and fun-filled compositions across without treading the conventional route. Brilliant!

Due to its situational feel, one can't be expecting mega popularity for the album here. However, if one understands the intent of the album, the songs have been pretty much made to facilitate the album's narrative rather than being chartbusters that would get audiences in theaters. In this aspect, Salim-Sulaiman create a good situational album that may well drive the narrative rather than just fitting into it.

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